connecting wildlife and people in Europe
connecting wildlife and people in Europe

About Natura International

Natura International believes that Nature is the very foundation of life on Earth; a prerequisite for human existence, spiritual growth and quality of life. We believe people have a responsibility to conserve nature for present and future generations who are dependent on a healthy planet. 

Natura International contributes to conserving, protecting and promoting the natural ecosystems across Europe to support the economic, cultural and social prosperity of local communities. We are currently working with partners in the UK, Holland, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine. 

In particular:

  • We undertake practical conservation initiatives by applying innovative and sound solutions to sustain the richness and integrity of habitats and species,
  • We educate and involve people in conservation to foster their sense of responsibility and respect for the natural environment and a desire to take part in safeguarding and enhancing it,
  • We conduct high quality applied ecological research and surveys to share and increase knowledge about nature conservation.

The combination of the following aspects of our work offers Natura International a special niche:

  • we have thorough knowledge and expertise in nature conservation both in Western and Eastern Europe;
  • we work with and through partners in-country todevelop effective and innovative conservation solutions;
  • we work with a variety of stakeholders from across sectors, particularly local communities, other NGOs and researchers to foster learning by exchange of knowledge and 'know-how';
  • we provide links to exchange of knowledge between nature conservation organisations and act as an initiator and vehicle for the development of new innovative projects and partnerships.

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