connecting wildlife and people in Europe
connecting wildlife and people in Europe

How we work

Natura International often acts as a catalyst for conservation initiatives. Together with our partners we identify gaps in conservation efforts aiming to find solutions to major issues threatening ecosystems. It is fundamental for us to invest time and resources in building the capacity of organisations and local communities in the countries where we work. 

We initiate and drive new conservation initiatives by bringing together the best experts and knowledge from Western and Eastern European countries. The long-term sustainability of our projects depends on the involvement of organisations and local communities. The fusion of Eastern and Western European thinking and expertise is very powerful and leads to innovative solutions that can be used as good practise and adopted across Europe.

We apply the following principles in our projects:

  • We work on as large a spatial scale as possible.
  • We always integrate the needs of local communities and secure approval of the project by national decision makers.
  • We build our solutions on the best available expertise and analyses underpinned by local knowledge and research.
  • We put in place long-term monitoring of the sustainability of the project.


Our typical project integrates the following aspects:

  • research, surveys and monitoring;
  • practical conservation measures;
  • building capacity of local communities;
  • dissemination of information and education through events, publications and workshops;
  • policy influencing at international, national and regional levels.

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