connecting wildlife and people in Europe
connecting wildlife and people in Europe

Our Team

Natura International's Board of Trustees consists of very experienced professionals with varied expertise.

Board of Trustees

Dr Tim Hedges (Chairman) is an ecology graduate with a particular interest in developing a holistic and sustainable approach to landscape-scale conservation. He is a former civil servant with extensive experience of land use planning and biodiversity. He has previously been the co-chair of the East of England Biodiversity forum and evaluated LIFE projects for the UK government.

Dr Britt Cordi, Chief Executive Officer, is one of the founders of Natura International. Previously, workied as Principal Specialist for Natural England, overseeing the relationships with the nature conservation organisations. Before that she led the European work of English Nature influencing EC policies, funding and legislation and fostering relationships with key policy players at both EU and national levels. Previously she coordinated the European Conservation Programme for RSPB. She is experienced in coordinating and facilitating large conservation projects and partnerships in the UK and Eastern Europe. Britt is also a Trustee of the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust.

Daniel Piec, Head of Conservation, MSc, is a co-founder of Natura currently working as Natura's Head of Conservation. He previously worked for the Froglife Trust as Head of Conservation. He was also the Site and Project Manager for BirdLife Poland. He has experience in preparing and managing conservation projects. He is an ornithologist with many years experience in bird conservation and monitoring, previously working for BirdLife Poland, Institute for Ornithology Polish Academy of Science and RSPB.

Kathy is CEO of Froglife and has been at Froglife since 2007.   Kathy has worked in the NGO sector for over 25 years. She has a background in business development and has extensive fundraising expertise. Kathy has worked within a range of different charitable sectors including international development, human rights, environment and conservation; Kathy has also been a trustee for several charities including Pesticides Action Network Europe, the Women’s Environment Network and the Bhopal Medical Appeal. During her time with Buglife and now with Froglife Kathy has developed a wide knowledge of wildlife conservation issues, particularly in implementing practical actions to resolve complex issues.

Assciated Advisors

Prof. Laurence Mee is Director of Scottish Association for Marine Science. Previously, he was Director of the Marine Institute at the University of Plymouth. He is an acknowledged international expert in marine and coastal policy and was formerly the Coordinator for the UN Global Environmental Facility on the Black Sea Environmental Programme.

Dr Mike Moser was previously Acting Chairman of English Nature and is now a part-time independent consultant. He has extensive international experience in nature conservation, particularly wetlands and migratory water birds. He has professional relations with more than 50 countries worldwide and is acting as Senior Project Advisor for UNDP/GEF projects. 

Prof. William Sutherland Prof. William Sutherland holds the chair of Conservation Biology in Department of Zoology at University of Cambridge. He has wide interests in conservation biology, especially predicting the impacts of environmental change, with main focus on bird populations. William promotes evidence-based conservation to collate experience of the effectiveness of interventions. He established the website, which collates scientific knowledge to advise practitioners.  

Lars Briggs, MSc, is an independent ecological consultant from Denmark (Amphi Consult) currently living in Poland. His company manages two large Life projects covering several European countries, such as Germany, Denmark, Lithuania, Poland and Estonia. He is a herpetologist with many years of experience in managing habitats for amphibians.

Alan Bowley has been Site Manager for Natural England and before that English Nature for 30 years. He is the manager of Woodwalton Fen National Nature Reserve since 1991, with responsibility for Natural England's involvement in Wicken Fen and initiated the Fen habitat network. He has thorough experience of managing varies habitats and practical conservation projects in Britain.

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