connecting wildlife and people in Europe
connecting wildlife and people in Europe

How can you get involved?

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Natura International is a new organisation and does not have a philanthropist, business angel or any other source of start-up money for its development yet. We rely on the hard work of a limited number of professionals, who dedicate their spare time to develop cutting-edge projects. This work is supported by dedicated Trustees and Associated Advisors with a wide range of expertise. The governance of the organisation is simple and effective without unnecessary structures and bureaucracy. The options below are designed to enable you to become a part of Natura's development from today. 


Help us develop new projects and gain experience in nature conservation

We are constantly searching for talented conservationists with various levels of expertise to help us develop new project proposals and make new connections to potential partners. As we an international remit, you can be based anywhere in Europe and we are particularly looking for volunteers from Eastern and Central Europe. We use modern means of communication to develop projects, share points for file access, use Skype and email to provide us with efficient ways of communicating between project workers in different countries. So if you want to develop you experience and expertise, have some time to spare and are keen to learn the latest approaches in nature conservation, please get in touch with Daniel

Although we cannot provide you with a salary at the beginning, we will support you in the following ways:

  • If you manage to successfully develop a project, we will employ you as a project officer.
  • We will provide you with a project idea, contacts to partners, templates and guidelines on project development and assistance of an experienced project manager.
  • If you have a project idea that you feel particularly passionate about and it is in line with our objectives, we will support its development.
  • For large projects, we will cover reasonable travel and subsistence expenses for visiting potential partners.


Become our Associated Advisor

If you are an experienced professional with a conservation and/or research background and you are interested in contributing to nature conservation in central and eastern Europe, we would be delighted to work with you. We heavily rely on the combined knowledge and contact network of our Trustees and Associated Advisors. Some of our advisors are influential, yet very busy individuals. We develop projects based on discussions with our advisors and when funding becomes available we contract the implementation of the project to these advisors. If you wish to become a part of the organisational thinking and inspire some of the most exciting ideas in nature conservation, please contact Dr Britt Cordi at


Become our Corporate Partner

Becoming a Corporate Member of Natura International does not cost you anything. It simply means that your organisation supports our objectives and recognises Natura International’s contribution to preserving and enhancing nature in Europe. Indeed, becoming associated with Natura can be beneficial to your organisation as we will explore our project ideas with member organisations and invite them to become partners in our projects in the future.


Support a project, sponsor a young conservationist and change the lives of hundreds of people

Development of a large international project takes a minimum three months and costs £5,500 in Britain and £2,000 in the new EU Member States. This includes a three month salary for a junior project developer and travel expenses. We believe that only large projects have enough impact to improve the sustainability of nature conservation initiatives, change the livelihoods of people, influence policy and decision makers and become model solutions for other regions and countries. If you wish to invest into cutting edge conservation that really embraces economic, social and environmental aspects of protecting the European natural environment, this is a good option for you. This is our promise to you: 

  • You will know exactly which project you support. You will be able to choose a project idea from our project portfolio.
  • We will employ and coach a young conservationist to lead on the development of your project and employ him/her on the project to see the project through to successful implementation..
  • Your project will be worth at least 20-fold your investment. Our experts will oversee the project and will ensure that it is successful.
  • As we are a charity, you can deduct your investment from your tax return.
  • You name and/or logo will be on every publication and project materials.
  • We will give you a regular update on project development and implementation.
  • We will organise a guided trip for you to see how the project has benefited nature conservation and to talk with the local people influenced by the project.

Please contact Daniel Piec at if you wish to discuss our projects and explore how you can become involved. Please note that we need a donation of a minimum £1,000 to be able to fulfil the above conditions.


Make a donation

If you wish to make a donation please download our gift-aid donation form. We will send you our news letter and we will inform you of how your donation has made a difference.

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