connecting wildlife and people in Europe
connecting wildlife and people in Europe

Sustainability of Natura 2000 Network

Sustainability of Natura 2000. Combining environmental, social and economic benefits

Peterborough (UK), 17-18 October 2007

Natura 2000 Networking Programme
 managed in partnership by project partners EUROPARC FederationEurosite and European Landowners Organization (ELO)


The aim of this seminar is to better equip organisations and individuals managing protected sites to develop opportunities for environmental, social as well as economic benefits on protected sites. 

Natura 2000 is the European network of protected sites for nature conservation. It gives a legal framework for nature protection and, as such, provides the basis and opportunity to develop win-win solutions with stakeholders such as local communities, local authorities, businesses and developers. There is an increasing need for site managing organisations to combine activities that demonstrates social as well as economic benefits of protected areas. This is necessary both to protect the sites and to secure adequate funding for management. 

There are many examples across Europe of win-win solutions that deliver such wide ranging benefits. Site managing organisations across Europe face very similar challenges, so there are wide opportunities to apply solutions in one country, which have been developed in another. This seminar provides the opportunity to share experience and to learn from each other through a number of case studies and breakout sessions. You will learn about the following:

Overview of Habitats and Birds Directives. Legal requirements, responsibilities for maintaining favourable condition and Natura 2000. A number of examples will be presented to illustrate that Natura 2000 and sustainable development can be complimentary. Examples of collaboration between stakeholders to develop win-win solutions and the role that NGOs can play in the planning system will be discussed. 

Practical knowledge of successful economic activities that can take place on Natura 2000 sites. The following issues will be discussed: factors to consider before initiating community revitalisation projects; features that characterise good sustainable tourism and forestry projects. This module will be accompanied by case studies that demonstrate how European funding (Leader +) can help enhance the livelihood of local communities through environmental projects on Natura 2000 sites. 

How European funding can be used to develop sustainable projects and manage Natura 2000 sites. This module will use the new WWF search tool as a gateway into the various European funding streams to provide an overview. Participants’ own examples will be used to explore the various funding opportunities. 

Workshop resources

Introduction to Birds and Habitats Directives, David Harrison, Natural England
Bird and Hab Dir by DHarrison.pps
Microsoft Power Point presentation [140.5 KB]
Limestone Country, Paul Evans, Natural England
Limestone Country by PEvans.pps
Microsoft Power Point presentation [22.5 MB]
By-pass in Goss Moor, Martin Davey, Natural England
By-pass by MDavey.pps
Microsoft Power Point presentation [25.4 MB]
NGOs and planning, Nicholas Hammond, Wildlife Trust
NGOs and planning by NHammond.pps
Microsoft Power Point presentation [8.0 MB]
Leader: funding for environmental, social and economic benefit, Martin Law, Leader+ Observatory, Brussels
Leader+ by MLaw.pps
Microsoft Power Point presentation [152.0 KB]
Connecting Natura 2000 and Economic Activities, Christina Cork, Natural England
Holland Conf by CCork.pps
Microsoft Power Point presentation [4.3 MB]
European Funding Searching Tool, Peter Torkler, WWF Germany
Funding tool by PTorkler.pps
Microsoft Power Point presentation [4.3 MB]

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