connecting wildlife and people in Europe
connecting wildlife and people in Europe

Conservation of nest zone protected species in Lubelszczyzna region, SE Poland

Project number: LIFE13 NAT/PL/00060

Project duration: 1.09.2014 - 31.08.2018

Budget: 703 653 EUR


The main objective of the project is to improve the nesting and foraging conditions for rare birds species in selected Natura 2000 areas in the Lubelszczyzna region, SE Poland.

Lubelszczyzna is one of the most diversified regions in Europe, with a highly fragmented mosaic of crops and habitats.

The project will cover six bird species: the lesser spotted eagle, short-toed eagle, golden eagle, eagle owl, black stork and Tengmalm’s owl, occurring in 16 Natura 2000 sites: Forest Janowskie Solska, mites, Forest Sandomierz, refuge Tyszowiecka, Sołokiji Valley, Valley Szyszły, refuge Nielicka, Forest Parczew, Uroczysko Bridges-Zahajki, Polesia, Forest Lukowski, Valley of the Lower Bug, Tyśmienica Valley and the Upper catchment of Huczwa river.

The main objective of the project will be achieved by minimizing the following threats: disturbing birds on nests, degradation of the suitable foraging areas for the lesser spotted eagle and short-toed eagle, mortality as a result of electric shock, lack of nesting trees and predation, lack of nesting hollows and nest predation of Tengmalm’s owl, poisoning, uncontrolled development of infrastructure and the lack of a strategy to protect species zone.


The above-mentioned threats will be offset by applying the following conservation measures:

  1. A1 - Evaluation of the habitat preferences, quality of foraging areas (including the presence and availability of prey items) and threats of lesser spotted eagle and short-toed eagle with the use of precise GPS telemetry.
  2. A2 - Detailed assessment of the population size and population parameters (number of nesting birds, productivity per breeding pair, survival of chicks) of all selected species through the inventory of existing and detection of new nests.
  3. A3 - Based on the results of A1 and A2, the development of the conservation strategy for all the selected species in the Lubelszczyzna region, with particular emphasis on the location of wind turbines and other infrastructure projects.
  4. C1 - Installation of 75 nesting platforms for the eagle owl, lesser spotted eagle and black stork.
  5. C2 - Moving the younger chick of lesser spotted eagle to the occupied territories of pairs with the breeding failure. As a result of a process called cainism, the younger chick is almost always killed by an older sibling. In the case of pairs with a failed breeding attempt, the younger chick from a nearby nest will be moved to the nest of the pair with a breeding loss.
  6. C3 - Restoration of 100 hectares of abandoned and overgrown meadows for the lesser spotted eagle.
  7. C4 – Installation of insulators on 100 electric transformers within the foraging areas of birds of prey.
  8. C5 - Installation of 80 nest boxes and predation guards against the european pine marten for Tengmalm’s owl.
  9. C6 - Updating the information on existing and creating new nesting zones.
  10. D1 - Monitoring of the ecological effects of the project.
  11. D2 - Monitoring the effects of the project on the local community.
  12. E1 - Promotion of the project.
  13. E2 - Educational activities with farmers and children.
  14. E3 - The final seminar of the project.
  15. F1 - Coordination and monitoring of the project.
  16. F2 - Audit Project
  17. F3 - Project Management – LTO; F4 - Project Management - NATURA
  18. F5 - Networking with other LIFE projects.
  19. F6 - After-LIFE Conservation Plan and F7 - Layman report.

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European Union Life Nature instrument

National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management

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